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SON-SF ~ Save Our Neighborhoods San Francisco, believes that high-rise, high-density, high cost,  housing developments is the wrong choice for the future of the Sunset/Outer Parkside and District 4.  We are not opposed to new housing construction.  We believe that any new housing developments should be cohesive with the character of the Sunset, as is decreed in the San Francisco General Plan and Sunset Blueprint.


SON-SF is comprised of residents of Outer Parkside/Sunset in District 4 and represents a voice for all the people that will be impacted by the proposed development at 2700 Sloat Blvd. 

High-rise condo developments will drastically change the nature and character of the neighborhood for the worse.  The SF Planning Department should not approve monstrous high-rises.  This is poor city planning. 


Does SF want to maintain the nature and character of its neighborhoods or become a congested maze of ill planned high rises?

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