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Don't let high rises go up and change the neighborhood forever

2700 Sloat Holdings LLC vs. Zoning Administrator (ZA)

Appealing the ISSUANCE on March 28, 2023 of the Zoning Administrator’s Interpretation of Planning Code Sections 102 and 270 regarding Measurement of Bulk and Plan Dimensions (Unless specified elsewhere in the Planning Code, the maximum Plan Dimensions per specific bulk limits apply within the exterior walls of each individual building or structure, such that a single building may not have multiple vertical elements (i.e. towers, etc.) that collectively exceed the maximum permitted Plan Dimensions. However, separate buildings on the same lot will have separate Plan Dimensions for the purpose of measuring bulk limits.).



This Appeal is basically only BETWEEN 2700 Sloat Holding LLC & the Zoning Administrator (ZA) but dependent on if the Board of Appeals (BOA) denies the Appellants claim, the outcome could allow their intended project to go forward. This would be disastrous & set a BAD precedence for the Neighborhoods around California. 



Hearing has been postponed until 6/21/23 @ 5 p.m., at the request of the Appellant, so the full BOA would be available to Vote.

ZA's position is:

"To conclude, the Zoning Administrator did not err or abuse their discretion by making the bulk interpretation in question. The interpretation was based on the clear intent of the bulk controls pursuant to the General Plan, the plain language of the Planning Code, the relationship of the standard bulk controls with those controls found in more specific bulk districts and/or SUDs that plan for a multi-tower context, and a good faith understanding of State law. As with any Planning Code provision that requires interpretation by the Zoning Administrator, future legislation from the Board of Supervisors may be helpful to clarify the intent and technical details related to the standard bulk controls in the future, and the Department is happy to participate in and contribute to that process.


In light of the information provided in the interpretation and this brief, the Department respectfully requests that the Board of Appeals uphold the Zoning Administrator’s determination and deny the appeal."

5/17/23 Meeting VIDEO - Go to #7 Appealing the ISSUANCE:



  • You can still make a Public Comment for the 5/17/23 Meeting by emailing



  • 6/21 Meeting - you will have multiple options to make Public Comment(s):

    • Attend Zoom Meeting & make Public Comment(s)​

    • Call in to listen to Meeting and make Public Comment via Phone

    • Email preferably by Thursday, 6/15/23 by 4:30 p.m.      This will give the BOA adequate time to review & read your comments & have         them entered into the system

    • You can also submit an Email @ on day of 6/21/23 Meeting by 4:30 p.m. but it is preferable to email by Thursday, 6/15/23 by 4:30 p.m.

  • Closer to the 6/21/23 BOA meeting, we will email everyone details for attending the meeting & making Public Comment(s).  


Thank you for your Support!!

Now we wait....

Allowing out of scale buildings like this to be built is only the tip of the iceberg....

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