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We feel there are more beneficial uses and options for the space and property.  If the city were willing to assist the community, or if the developers were willing to do something FOR the neighborhood instead of TO the neighborhood, we could have any number of wonderful new developments to enhance the Sunset.

  •  Inter- Cultural Community Center for our Neighborhood - A brand new Inter-Cultural Community center to connect and celebrate the people of the Sunset. A new community center will allow for the creation of social ties and build a greater feeling of community, improving health and bringing together diverse groups of people and developing a beautiful urban site while empowering the neighborhood. Perhaps add a MURAL on the building depicting the RICH HISTORY of "THE PEOPLE OF THE SUNSET, PARKSIDE and D4" and retain, if possible, the Sloat Garden Center

  • Legacy Playland - recreate the experience and history of the Sunset with an indoor playland experience. Bring back the fun house, giant slide, rides, miniature golf, arcade, bumper cars, and ice skating rink.


  • Recreation area with a playground, picnic tables, community garden, and a dog park.

  • Indoor ice skating arena - This would bring jobs to the neighborhood, provide healthy and safe activities for youth, be a gathering place for events like kids birthday parties, provide ice skating lessons and ice hockey practice and events.


  • Neighborhood Owned Co-op to benefit the Community with any variety of the above options as well as if possible, to retain the Sloat Garden Center 

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