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Update on SB 423 - As of Monday, 5/15/23 this Bill has been placed on APPR (Committee on Appropriations) Suspense file.  This does not mean that it is completely off the books & it can be Voted on Again.  

So, we still need your help, please, CALL IN & Go to

above link @ CA Legislation to OPPOSE SB 423




URGENT - Help Stop SB 423

Dear Friends, Colleagues & Supporters,


We need action NOW for the House Appropriations Vote on SB 423 on     Monday !


Just seven phone calls from you could Stop SB 423 from moving forward. 


BACKGROUND: SB 423 (Wiener) expands and extends SB 35 (Wiener, 2017) forever!  Just a reminder, SB 35 punishes cities for past gaps in meeting RHNA* mandates. SB 35 allows wholly inappropriate "ministerial" (rubber stamp) approval of huge projects that skirt height, density, setbacks, parking, and other normal zoning provisions. 


SB 423 would add three aggressive provisions that further benefit outside investor/speculators, but harm your community.


1. The inclusionary rate for low-income units drops to a nearly insignificant 10%.


2. CEQA and the Environment are made irrelevant. 


3. Coastal Commission authority is overruled by HCD*.


ACTIONCALL the SEVEN SENATORS listed below.  It takes less than 10 minutes to call after hours or on the weekend and leave a message. If you reach a staff member,they will appreciate brevity. If you're not familiar with making calls, consider this below script.


SCRIPT - Adapt to fit your style: Hi, my name is ___. I'm a member of (name

1-2 groups you're part of) and I'm calling in opposition to SB 423.  I live in __ (Senator)'s__district OR I don't live in Senator ____'s district, but since

SB 423 will impact all of us in California, I'm asking him/her to represent me and other citizens when he/she votes on SB 423. I urge Senator ___ to oppose SB 423.  Thank you! 


Senate Appropriations Committee Members to Call


Anthony Portantino Chair, (D) - (916) 651-4025
Brian Jones, Vice-Chair (R) - (916) 651-4040
Angelique Ashby (D) - (916) 651-4008
Steve Bradford (D) - (916) 651-4035
Kelly Seyarto (R) - (916) 651-4032
Alishn Wahab (D) - (916) 651-4010

Scott Wiener, (D) - (916) 651-4011 (yes, call his office, too)


AND call your own Senator with the same message.


Points to elaborate...


SB 423 is unacceptable because it reduces the affordability requirements of ministerially approved developments without size or density constraints, and it is immune from CEQA (CA Environmental Quality Act). Further, it allows these types of developments on the California coast and overrules the Coastal Commission.

CITIZENS LOSE: California citizens and our elected local officials lose the authority to make decisions on local developments, lose CEQA protections where they are most needed, and cripple the Coastal Commission's ability to preserve our precious, public coastal areas.








SB 423 = Land use: streamlined housing approvals, multifamily housing   developments (2023-2034)
SB 35 = Planning and Zoning:  Affordable housing streamlined approval process
RHNA = Regional Housing Needs Allocation
HCD = California Department of Housing and Community Development

CEQA = California Environmental Quality Act


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